Prevention of Cancer!

Research & Publishing has published teh book “Cancer, Coase and Prevention”.
In a clear way Don Elsman describes his discovery that sheds a whole new light on the development of cancer. Perhaps the discovery of the century!
Supported by facts and scientific conclusions, cancer turns out to be not caused by “too little exercise, too much body weight, diet and similar prosperity.” That turns out to be merely symptoms of an underlying cause! Cancer appears to arise from a similar simple defect as until the late 18th century millions of sailors died a miserable death.
Also in that time the medical science kept their dogma’s as “too little exercise, moisture, chill.” Even long after it was known, that scurvy disappeared from lemons (vitamin C) it was Professor Herman Boerhaave who sticked to the old dogma for 40 years, and caused that still tens of thousand sailors died …


Read already a few pieces from the book about the discovery of the Cause of Cancer.

Extra information

Pages: 68
Type: E-Book
Prijs: €9,50 (inclusief BTW)
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-826274-3-5


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